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Mission Statement:

Taking a customer oriented approach to producing and supporting the very best thoroughbred handicapping software package available anywhere.

Historical Racing Data -

by Jeff Platt
Right now as I type this it's Tuesday March 17, 2020 and now is probably a great time to be looking at historical racing data...
   Read the article - click here.

Horse Racing Data Plans from HDW: Learn more - here.

DATELINE: Keeneland April 16, 2009   A True Story from the JCapper Handicapping Seminar -
They turned for home and the 3, Afternoon Stroll, the horse I had bet to win, was still there, trying to wire the field at 50-1, in front by a diminishing half length.

Each stride brought the wire closer and saw the margin shrink another inch. Ten yards from the finish line and the other horse was right there. They hit the wire right together and it was impossible to tell who won...   |Continued...|

JCapper will improve your game and make you a better player.
  • JCapper Platinum has the strongest factor set available anywhere. Don't take my word for it. Build a sizeable database and see for yourself. Compare the flat win bet roi of the premier ratings in JCapper side by side with counterpart factors produced by other software programs. Seeing is believing.

    JCapper's factor set is a direct result of the tens of thousands of man hours I've devoted to research and development of handicapping factors and algorithms - a decades long journey that began for me in 1981. JCapper's factor set is unique. You'll find numbers and factors in JCapper that are available nowhere else.

    All aspects of the game are covered: Early speed, late speed, pace matchup, run style, form, fitness, workouts, class, ability from speed figs, trainer intent, breeding, abilities and tendencies of the horse's human connections, betting tendencies of the betting public, track weight, comprehensive power ratings, inherent chaos in the race at hand, odds lines based on VERY accurate probability algorithms, odds line ratios and expected value cutoff points that allow the player to make exacting play or pass decisions at crunch time.

    Comprehensive? If R&D using large data samples proves that it's relevant - I make it part of the JCapper factor set. Like I say, seeing is believing.

  • Databases - JCapper will build databases using your own TSN and BRIS data and results files as the source.

  • Data Window - Perform your own research. Discover what is and isn't working at specific tracks, surfaces, distances, and race types. Something remarkable happens when you work with the Data Window: You actually learn about the game.

  • Data Window Exports - Export JCapper data to tables in Access. From there, use JCapper to generate comprehensive reports for Trainers, Riders, and Owners. Track Profiles too. Many JCapper users even work with their data outside of JCapper - further manipulating it using tools like Access or Excel.

  • UDMs - Create spot play definitions based on the best ideas from your own research. In JCapper each spot play is called a User Defined Model or UDM. On race day JCapper evaluates every horse running against the stored rules for each of your active UDMs. Horses that fit your UDM Definitions are clearly marked on concise reports so that you can:

    Put your focus where it needs to be: On your UDM horses. This one aspect will bring discipline to your game. In my experience discipline is the single most common trait separating the tiny percentage of winning players from the masses of losing players. Winning players have it... and losing players don't.

  • UPR and UserFactors - Create your own handicapping factors. JCapper's IVTable Wizard enables you to take existing factors and use them like building blocks to create new factors of your own design. You decide what goes into them. You decide how much weight (importance) to assign to each component in the overall mix. It's a lot of work. But imagine the enormous satisfaction that comes from knowing you've created a top flight power rating... one that produces a strong win pct and roi... while also knowing you are the only person on the planet who is even aware of it.

  • Finding an Edge - This one Help Doc will open your eyes. It is the culmination of all other JCapper Help Docs and Podcasts. It explains in plain English how to use JCapper to find a proven mathematical edge. The concepts of hidden and obvious positives are introduced. After reading it you will understand why they are critical for success in pari-mutuel race betting. A step by step detailed example is presented that gives the beginning (and advanced) player a proven documented method for creating successful UDMs.

  • Scratches and Changes - JCapper provides three separate modules for handling scratches and changes. Scratch Bot is internet enabled. Download scratches and races taken off the turf in real time right from the web. Scratch Parser is internet enabled. Download early scratches directly from BRIS. Manual Changes Module is a simple manual interface where you can scratch horses and make surface/distance changes. Yes, scratches and changes can be frustrating... but JCapper lets you handle them as pain free as possible.

  • Are you already a winning player? - Then why not use JCapper to improve your bottom line? If your primary source of plays comes from another program (or a pencil and the DRF) then run your plays through a JCapper database broken out by JCapper factors. You'll find sets of plays that are costing your money. Even if the only thing you ever do with JCapper is use it as a tool to identify (and eliminate) losing categories from plays you are already making - that alone will make a difference to your own bottom line.
JCapper Platinum  
JCapper Platinum   $695.00
This is a true professional level program. It includes the complete JCapper factor set, ALL of the features described on the JCapper Message Board and Videos, including Scratch Bot, The SQL Mode Enabled Data Window, UPR Tools, The Live Play Module, and more.      For a complete product description -CLICK HERE-

JCapper Silver
Dual Data License $97.00
HDW Only Data License FREE
True database handicapping at an affordable price.
Complete product description - CLICK HERE -

JCapper Platinum Renewal/Program Upgrade  

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Special "Reduced Takeout" HDW Data Offer  
Listen up.... For a limited time I want to make you a very special "reduced takeout" HDW Data offer on a JCapper Platinum Renewal/Program Upgrade.

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Rebates (Thoroughbred ADW) - Helping players find the best possible rates...      - click here -

A free service from
Rebates can affect your bottom line in a very profound way. Aside from discipline, the ability to execute a game plan, a willingness to roll up one's sleeves and go to work... every single professional player that I have met in the past 10 years shares one other thing in common...

All of them... every single one... earns rebates.

What are rebates? And more importantly... how do you get them?      ...Read More - click here -

Full disclosure: If you take me up on my offer, once you are signed up and start earning rebates, I receive compensation in the form of a referral fee.

Comma Delimited Text Past Performance Data Files

Because JCapper .JCP past performance data files are comma delimited text (1435 data fields per horse record) they are compatible not just with JCapper but with many of the handicapping software apps and spreadsheets currently in use.

To learn more about .JCP files and HDW-JCapper data plans - click here.

Rewards are proportional to work. People are often surprised to learn that I don't handicap on race day. About 98% of my handicapping is done in the months and weeks leading up to race day... |Continued...|

The Sphere - In June, 2006 I wrote an article titled "The Sphere" which was originally posted on the old JCapper Message Board. Fast forward two years. I'm told that about half a dozen sites around the web now have links to it. I was really flattered to see it featured on the Cal Expo Harness Site. The article itself may be a little out there. But it gets the point across. When it comes to betting horses profitably, discipline is the single most important factor in the game. If you haven't read the article yet, or haven't read it in a while...    |Continued...|
The Story of JCapper


My name is Jeff Platt. I'm an independent software developer. That means I design, test, and create software for a living. I have been doing this since 1987. I have done web enabled projects for Fortune 500 companies like American Express, Verizon Wireless, STMicroelectronics, Trammell-Crowe, and others. I have done work for small clients too. I got my start in programming by designing and coding an accounting information system for a group that owned car dealerships. I mention my programming backround as a way of letting you know that when it comes to software and databases I might know a thing or two about what I'm doing...    |Continued...|

UDMs - Framework and Style

A UDM or User Defined Model is an electronic definition, stored for frequent use, that describes a handicapping method in exact detail. In JCapper, users can create UDMs for specific tracks, distances, surfaces, and classes. UDMs can also be created to exploit the patterns of specific trainers, riders, and owners. Users can set factor constraints using rank, numeric value, and gap for any of the individual factors supported by JCapper. UDM definitions can be created using any of the factors in combination with each other. A UDM can be as as generic or as specific as the player desires.

A well thought out UDM is a thing of beauty and a true reflection of the player's preferred individual handicapping style.    |Continued...|
Ask me for a FREE 90 Day Demo:    Click HERE.

Give the the program a FREE 90 day test drive and decide for yourself.

$695.00 is what I charge for the program. That might seem like a lot of money. It won't once you see how comprehensive the program is and the enormous amount of work that went into it. But none of that should matter to you. What really matters is this:

JCapper will improve your game and make you a better player. Can you put a price on that?

Ask me for a FREE 90 Day Demo and find out for yourself.

Free 90 Day Demo - the fine print...
The Demo Version has one restriction: You can't use it to run same day race reports for live play. You actually have to purchase the program to do that. However, the Demo Version of JCapper Platinum is designed to give you every opportunity to completely evaluate the program and decide on your own whether or not it's right for you.    |Continued...|

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